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Why induction in the workplace is so important

Why induction in the workplace is so important

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As many new employees enter the workplace or are taking up new positions. The best way to address the need of new starters is through a structured induction program. Sadly, many employers overlook this crucial orientation step – often at their peril.
After recruitment, induction is the next vital step in any business strategy because when not done well, induction can greatly affect your bottom line.

Time to Start Planning For 2017-18 ATR & WSP Submissions

Time to Start Planning For 2017/18 ATR & WSP Submissions

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The date by which employers must submit their Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and the Annual Training Report (ATR) to their SETA’s is fast approaching. Don’t get caught with your pants down… again!
As consultants, we have come to realise that many companies are not aware of their legal obligation to pay a skills development levy and have little knowledge about the submission of the annual ATR and WSP reports.